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For your “Advertisement” and “Sponsorship” needs, contact and choose the one that suits you! On the relevant page, you will see that there is a detailed information and contact form for the area you have chosen.

Advertisement Purposes of Sponsorship :

The sponsorship targets of each company may differ. But all these targets & purposes are the same in all companies. Company goals, marketing goals, media goals and personal goals, general goals of the company; creating company awareness in the public, strengthening the image of the company or making changes in the image, ensuring the perception of the company with its social aspects or strengthening the relations of the society, financial institutions, employees with the company and each other, strengthening their relations with them by welcoming their customers and having a good time with them, and to provide superiority to other companies in a competitive environment are the most common examples of these company targets.

Birefly, we can list how important the sponsorship is for the companies:

  • To creat company image
  • Increasing the sales
  • To add value
  • Reposition the brand
  • Diversifying the product
  • Creating a universal language
  • Creating mutual goodwill
  • Improving relations with employees
  • Raising the Company Awareness
  • Maximizing the perception
  • Achieving effective media reflection

Promotion Works :

  • Organizing Buying Committees from Abroad through Foreign Trade Consultancy and Exporters’ Associations
  • Introduction & Promotion of Public Institutions, Associations and Foundations
  • Advertisements in National and International Sector Journals
  • Press Bulletin and Meetings
  • National and International Newspaper Ads
  • E-Bulletin
  • Radios
  • Televisions
  • Outdoor ads
  • Search Engines and Sectoral Sites
  • Visiting and Participating in Related Organizations
  • International Bilateral Meeting Program
  • Regional Promotions

Sponsored Advertisement Area

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Advertisement Areas

Dear participants,

During our virtual fair periods, you can advertise on our advertisement areas and digital screens, and increase your number of customers with Virtual Fairs, which brings together companies that will participate in the virtual fair.

You can reach us by sending an e-mail to “” for your ad requests.

Sponsorship Areas

Dear company officials,

You can sponsor our Online Virtual Exhibitions that brings together manufacturers and exporter companies with thousands of visitors on Thanks to this mutual collaboration you can increase your customer & company awareness by highlighting your target audience while adding value to international sectors.


 Ve   You can also contact us by sending an e-mail to “ ” for your requests and detailed information about Sub-Sponsorships.

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