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Create your company’s digital stand with online virtual fair and access all the platform, make online meetings, create your own live events in private rooms, organize your webinars and interviews. Share your events with Online Fair visitors. Lead your trade with an online fair.

Virtual Fair Platform 

In virtual fairs, exhibitors can buy online stands in the fairground. With company logos, visitors can directly access the company’s information, officials and their products.

Companies that are participating in virtual fairs can make B2B meetings and business meetings in their own private rooms. The online fair platform provides you a comfortable environment to spend your meetings more efficiently. Expand your trading network by reserving a virtual stand in virtual fair.

Virtual Fair Area

The Virtual Fair Exhibition Hall allows exhibitors and visitors to check the virtual stands.

Visitors can easily access exhibitor’s information, officials and company product information with a simple click. They can also easily access to the matching stands based on multiple searching criteria.

In the virtual fair area, visitors can find direct access to the catalogs, promotional and product videos of exhibitors.

Virtual Exhibitor Stand

Participants can upload company informations with the pre-designed cabin template.

Virtual event stands can contain any digital content, including: documents, videos, links to web pages, social media links, online interview information. When a visitor enters the booth, he/she can meet with company officials.

Visitors can view the products with a company information. Visitors can also chat with the exhibitor. Chat options include:

  • Private chat
  • Public group chat
  • Chat order
  • Video

Why You Should Attend to Virtual Fairs?

What a professional Virtual Trade Fair looks like in your imagination?

Numerous Exhibition Halls for speakers, presentations, suppliers or exhibitors? online virtual fair provides you with the same features as an old fashioned fair exhibitions. It allows you to open your company & products to the world with online virtually (and much more and cost-effectively).

Advantages Of Online Virtual Fairs
  • Fast access
  • Saving on Time
  • 24/7 Introduction
  • Global Customer Network
  • Cost Savings

Join Virtual Fairs Now

We are restarting the economy and trade with virtual fairs.

How do you expand your trading network?

With the global epidemic, the trading markets suddenly has stopped. But this challenges are also can be seen as new opportunities. Now it’s time to evaluate your business, find new partners, find new markets, work better and use new technologies!

Attend to Online Virtual Fairs with VirtualFairs365 Register Now !

Turkey’s Largest Virtual Trade Platform

With virtual trade fairs; Attend to fairs online, get inspired, listen to live opening speeches, ask questions and communicate with others without flying to another city or country.

You can review the developments and useful informations in your industry by online. You can promote your services globally, create your own live sessions, webinars and events, and expand your trading network.

Visiting Online Virtual Fairs is Free.

Visit Fairs.

Register and join; fast, easy and safe.

Access to Virtual Fairs


Check the Online Virtual Fairs, Check the Exhibitors and Products. Connect and meet with the Exhibitors, register for upcoming webinars, or direct your trade directly with an online call.


With Virtual Fair platform, which contributes to the digital world where electronic commerce has become more and more common, it is now very easy to turn your trade into digital!

Access your digital stand where you can exhibit your business and access all platforms of communication tools.

Meet via online, create your own Live events, webinars and interviews. Expand your trading network.


You can make your company accessible to not only for the limited visitors who attend the physical fair, but to anyone who has an internet. Distance, cost and time difficulties should not prevent the promotion of your company.

Exhibiton Period

With the Virtual Fair Platform, you have the freedom to participate in fairs in all sectors at any time instead of the fairs that are compressed for a few days a year.


Specially designed virtual stands of your company are used for interacting online in the online fair platform. Company information, product pictures and features, video, catalog informations are displayed on your stand. Join the virtual fair today for a surreal experience.

Online Introduction Meetings

You can participate in online introduction meetings to promote your brand on the virtual fair platform. It is the best way to reach potential buyers quickly. In this way, you can organize your meetings with buyers and direct your trade.

Live Chat and Messaging

A fast and effective online live messaging system is used between buyers and exhibitors on the online fair platform. You can generate fast solutions instantly by saving your time and space for your interaction with buyers. You can share your company and products. You can organize and manage your web seminar or company presentation.

Virtual Fair Event Flow

In the sectoral fair to be held as a virtual fair platform, commercial meetings and information webinars are organized during the fair. Get ready for an experience that will involve participants constantly.

Video Meeting

You can make your meetings in virtual fair platform via Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp. Choose your preferred communication tool and expand your trading network with interactive meetings from anywhere.

Support and Live Chat Team 24/7

Our technical team will be at your service 24/7 to answer all technical questions or solve problems in the virtual fair. You can always reach the dedicated customer support technical team by e-mail for all participants.


It is now very easy to give direction to your trade with Online Virtual Fairs. Get your stand at Start trading immediately!


Online Virtual Fair platform is the B2B portal that brings together buyers, producers and distributors.

  • Visit to Online Fair Areat
  • Access to Exhibitors Companies
  • Online Meeting with Participants
  • Participation to Webinars

  • Online Fair Exhibiton Stand
  • 12 Months (365 days) and 24/7 Accessible Virtual Fair Stand Specially Designed for You
  • Publishing Company Information
  • Product Catalog of Your Company
  • Certificate & Documents of Your Companyi
  • Company Introduction Video
  • 20 Product Image Uploads
  • Webinar Participation for Your Company Introudction
  • Online Video Calls During Virtual Fair
  • 10% Discount for Vip Transfers at