Vırtual FuarTakip

Fuartakip – Turkey’s largest trade fair platform since 1992

+10000  Customer Experience

Since 1992, our company which is Group A Travel Agency (Türsab A -2338) provides services in Turkey & all over the world, set it’s first goal as the satisfaction of our valued customers who participated in our organization with us.

Fair organizations, congresses, meetings, bilateral business meetings are some expamples that we have held abroad for many years as Fuar Takip.

+1000  Organization Experience

We organize bilateral business meetings and fair visits to all countries in the world with experience, and confidence for over 30 years. We have successfully organized business and fair visits and bilateral business meetings of many institutions and organizations. We are the official sales representative of many fairs in Turkey.

With Virtual Fuartakip, we aim to support the economy by keeping Online Virtual Fairs open 365 days.

Our Mission

Creating an environment of global fair platform for the business and trade professionals who will communicate with each other to ensure that they are more productive and more successful.


Our Vision

Creating economic opportunities for every virtual fair platform member of the global workforce. Expanding the trading network of participated companies and contributing to the export of the country.


Our Corporate Values

Our principles

We plan our future goals with a strategic management approach,  and we reach these goals with the active support of our stakeholders.

With our effective stakeholder management approach, we establish and develop mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and collaborations.

With the member experience management approach, we evaluate the expectations of our members with the principle of fairness, impartiality and confidentiality and develop solutions to increase their positive experiences.

With the approach of continuous development, we manage our processes with the principle of efficiency, and support them with technological developments.

With the information security approach,  we secure corporate and personal information assets in terms of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.

In this context, we are committed to achieving together and providing the necessary resources in the light of our Principles, values and ethical rules, by reference all national and international standards.

Trading Network & B2B Platform

Our Goals

We present you our International Sectoral Fair work, which is carefully prepared and we think it will be beneficial and closely related to your sectors.

By using the virtual fairs, let’s follow the latest technological innovations in our sector, follow closely to the developments in the Trade Fairs that are held every year and increasing your market shares in these markets.

Our aim is to follow the innovations instead of you in a period, where time and technology change rapidly, and to combine with the experience of GÜRTOUR & Fuar Takip, and aim to provide the best service within the framework of appropriate economic conditions.

It will give an honour to us to help your company, in every subject you need about your industry.

“The biggest reward is the one you have accomplished.”

There must be a virtual fair for you too. Register your company in virtual fairs.


B2B Virtual Fair Network

Online Virtual Fair platform is a B2B platform that brings all buyers, manufacturers and distributors together.