About Our Virtual Fairs

“With Online VirtualFairs365, Join The World Trade”

Virtual Fairs will be opened on 16 August 2020 and it will be held in digital environment on the www.virtualfairs365.com website. The Virtual Fairs which are going to be opened between 16 August 2020 – 16 August 2021 will bring manufacturers, exporters and their customers together for 365 days.

We aim to get visited by more than 100.000 visitors, from different regions of our country and from different countries from abroad, so that they will be brought together on virtual.fuartakip.com on digital platform.

The virtual fairs, which will be held in digital environment with the participation of valuable manufacturers and exporters of all sectors, will bring together industry representatives and professional visitors under the roof of VirtualFairs365.com

Virtual Fairs can be visited non-stop 365 days in a week, 24/7, from 16 August 16 2020 to 16 August 16 2021.

We invite all industry members to the virtual fairs as visitors and exhibitors with respect.

“ The biggest reward is the one you have accomplished. ”

There must be a virtual fair for you too. Register your company in virtual fairs.

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B2B Virtual Fair Nertwork

Online Virtual Fair platform is a B2B platform that brings all buyers, manufacturers and distributors together.